1 on 1 Basketball Challenge

Can You Beat Will Njoku One On One?

“50 for FUN” is a one on one basketball challenge with a goal of raising $50,000. Proceeds will go to FUNSports, a non-profit organization providing free of charge sport opportunities for kids in Atlantic Canada.  Challengers donate $50 charity for an opportunity to play Will Njoku 1 on 1.  The event kicked off at Needham Center in Halifax on March 5th ,  Will’s 50th birthday.    

Accept this challenge and you’ll receive a “50 For Fun” t-shirt. Win against Will and you’ll come away with bragging rights – and a FUNSports hoodie.

Who: Anyone who thinks they can take the old man down

When: March 5, 2022-March 5, 2023 (you can book throughout the year)

Where: Anywhere Will is invited to speak, teach, or coach.

How: Interested in participating? REGISTER HERE

To host 50 For Fun at your school or organization, or to support the event, contact us today.