Role of a Massage Therapist with FUNSports


FUNSports has a partnership with ICT Northumberland College (Massage School) and members of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association.

Ask any athlete about Massage Therapy and they will likely say it’s crucial to their training and recovery and most love getting treatments.   FUNSports saw an opportunity to offer Massage Therapy to teams and athletes in the Halifax area and now all four major teams have agreed to partner with our FUNSports Massage Squad.

The Massage Squad provides therapy for the Halifax Hurricanes, Mooseheads, Thunderbirds and Wanderers.  In return the teams help us with fundraisers and their players volunteer with FUNSports programs.

It’s a very unique Massage Therapy service and it plays a major role in maintaining the health of local professional athletes.  It is also a unique way of fundraising.